Kama Sutra Course           
Experiencing all possibilities of Partner Asana gymnastics in 436 positions
Curriculum development and lab exercises to enliven flexibility and bliss consciousness.
Vedic technology to ensure future generations of our enlightened community
Warning: Rated R drawings for viewers above 17 only

More Love brings More Children
Make America Create Again!

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Etymology: the word Gymnastics derives from the common Greek adjective γυμνός (gymnos),[2] 
by way of the related verb γυμνάζω (gymnazo), whose meaning is to "train naked",

Regular practice of the Kama Sutra Partner Asanas for 20 minutes twice a day
can help to increase enrollment at caucasian children schools in your community

A vision of possibilities

George and Olive Osmond created 9 children during 18 years of KSPA exercises from 1945 to 1963,
1 child every 2 years, from George Jr to Jimmy.  Donny and Deborah Osmond in turn created 5 sons,.
for a total of 112 children, grand children, and great grand children

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